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24 May

What to use to cover 2″ ABS pipe outside to keep out rodents/etc, but not impede water flow?

kijijiuser asks:

I have a 2″ abs pipe used to drain water from inside to outside and I’m looking for something to cover the end outside so that rodents/etc don’t get into it. The problem is that it can’t impede water flow very much. Any ideas?

A: Depending on how the pipe terminates outside, you could use one of these G-O-N: Glue On Nozzle they also have optional bird screens that also prevent rodents.

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18 May

HPACr Solutions

HVACrSee us in HPACr Solutions’ May issue with AC Leak Freeze Pro and Aspen Pumps

Application • Permanently seal gas leaks in A/C and refrigeration systems • For use in copper and aluminum coils • Polymer free: non-clogging to compressors, recovery units, schrader valves, cap tubes, TXV valves, micro channels, evacuation equipment and gauges • Compatible with all refrigerants.


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17 May